2023 Top-level star singers gather!

opera CARMEN 

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Libre elle est née et libre elle mourra!

…The fate of Don Jose who was fascinated by the single flower thrown by Carmen…

An indomitable masterpiece that boasts overwhelming popularity in the history of opera!
Many famous songs such as "Habanera", "Bullfighter's Song", "Hana no Uta",
A drama of love and lamentation that spreads on a heated stage with a soul contest by a gorgeous cast!

(Performed in French with Japanese subtitles)

September 30, 2023 (Sat) 13:30/17:00 (2 performances)

Yotsuya Kumin Hall (Shinjuku Tokyo)

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オPopular and talented opera singers gather under the standard-bearer of the opera world, Yasuhiro Miura!

European Opera House, Korea Seoul 600th Anniversary Performance,
And Jung Wolson's Carmen, which fascinated audiences all over Japan.

Dramatic name tenor Norihisa Uemoto and Don Jose of Aoyagi Susumu.

Shunsuke Imai, a popular baritone who is exciting now for Escamillo, his love rival.

Sawako Shirota and Eri Kuramoto who charm with lovely singing voices as Jose's fiancé Mikaela.

The world-famous opera "Carmen" will be revived in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 2023!

Organizer IAW CALAF. NET
Support: Korean Embassy in Japan, Embassy of Spain in Japan,Tokyo Opera Produce

Ticket P seat 10000 yen S seat 9000 yen A seat 8000 yen B seat 7000 yen C seat 6000 yen

After applying by e-mail, we will confirm the payment and mail the ticket.

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The third stage of the opera series, which is highly acclaimed by celebrities, artists, and writers from all walks of life.

* Impressions of playwright and director Satoshi Yamazaki


Ended with a full house

Special new production version
opera TOSCA
September 30, 2022

Featured in color on the front page of the Tokyo Shimbun on September 6, 2022


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A shocking topic! (All performances ended with a full house)

A Heart-Rendering Love that Transcends Borders

Opera “The Last Queen”

A Japanese Princess
Married to the Last Prince
of the Chosen Dynasty
Yi Bangja

Brought back by popular demand

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A Heart-Rendering Love
that Transcends Borders





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